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Week 12

Monday 29th June

I hope you have had a great weekend and managed to get out and about in between the showers.


We are continuing our theme on boats and water transport this week. 


The Great Rhyming Boat Float!


This can be done with a selection of toys at bath time or if we are lucky enough for more fun out side in the sunshine. I think my tank is a bit small but perhaps you may have a washing up bowl or paddling pool.

Rhyming with children is a great way to build up their vocabulary and rhythm for reading. 

Maths reasoning ideas.

Here are some great ways you can explore and use reasoning and talk to extend and develop your child's early mathematical understanding. you can use magnets, buttons in dough or lego blocks to look at number.


Tuesday 30th June


Paint mixing.  You can use paints or wax crayons to colour mix and experiment. Use the colour mixing chart to guess what colour you will make. If you have paint at home have a go at this fish template picture. I will show you what to do in this short video, watch out for the crazy camera angles though! Your grown ups will need to help you make the templates, then you need a sheet of paper to paint on. I love this technique because of the contrasting dark and light colours. I find using sponges best to apply the paint for this technique. 



Ahoy My Ship Mates!

Its great to keep spotting numbers all around you. To keep your number spotting in tip top condition, have a go at these colour by number sheets, can you colour really carefully in the lines? What colour was your age number in your favourite picture?

Wednesday 1st July

Our pirate adventures in Nursery have turned towards more sea side activities. We have made the home corner into an' Ice Cream Van' with play dough ice creams; great for strengthening small hands for writing and creating opportunities for language and ideas.

 Ice Cream For Sale Your grown up can help you to look at different coins and work out how many coins you need for each ice cream. How much money is it? Do you have enough money? Or do you need more money? 
Ice Cream Design Here is a template for you to design your own ice cream at home, you could add fruit , sprinkles or sauce! We would love to see your designs or if you have tried out different flavours. If you want to send them to me you can ask your grown ups to email me on my link on the starting page. 

Thursday 2nd July


Phonic hot and cold game. Our letter this week is 'F f'. You can use these cards to play hide and seek around your home or garden. Choose the letter of the week or your child's letters of their name and hide them. Then tell your child they are getting hotter as they get closer to the hidden letter or colder if they are going further away. you can extend this game to let your child spell out their own name or CVC words like cat, dog, peg, tin. However you play, Have fun!

Here we are ship mates! Use your busy hands to make your own pirate hat. You can decorate it how you want to with feathers, coloured paper stickers or skull and crossbones.

Friday 3rd June

We cant quite believe its friday already!


Ten Little Pirates

Here is a lovely story about ten little pirates! Look and see which numbers you know. Count along with the story. 

Flour phonics This job can be a bit messy! Use a tray or large plate instead of our tough tray here. See if you can spell out your name.....