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Week 14

Monday 13th July

As we move into our last week together we are going to focus on:

                       'To Infinity and Beyond!'

Many Nursery children will be getting ready to start school in September( Please check the links on transition on the website). The children who will be staying in Nursery will be getting ready to meet Mrs Gallen in September as their class Teacher. Book on the stay and play sessions : Wednesday 2nd  September. 


Astronauts . Were exploring travelling through our skies. This astronaut will challenge your cutting out skills! If you don't have split pins at home you can glue the pieces together. Can you make a starry back drop for your astronaut too?


Star Sounding out.  This activity can be used to practice spelling out your child's name . If you don't have space for a washing line, or access to pipe cleaners to thread the letters on to you can stick them down on paper. You can also have a go at sounding out familiar words such as: Mum or  Dad.


Time for a sing along, or just enjoy this relaxing music while you work on your busy bee projects!

Tuesday 14th July

Rhyming stories I hope you enjoy this story with rhyming words. See if an adult can help you hear the rhyming words in the story, can you think of any other rhyming words- real or made up, to add to the story.

 Pencil Control to Major Tom.......Here's something to make your finger wiggle around different shapes and objects to practice pencil control. Your grown ups may know the well known song reference!

Wednesday 15th July

Phonics Flash games. Tryout these games from BBC bite sized to practice your phonics. 

Fruity Rockets! If you are hungry from all the phonics work. Make this healthy snack. Ask a grown up to help you choose prepare and make the rockets.

In this picture you will need:

skewers, bananas, blue berries, pineapple, melon and cheese........

but you can choose whatever fruit, veg, cheese, tofu- you like and cut it to shape.


Thursday 16th July

NASA activities Explore rockets and outer space with these activities on the website.



Shapes Rocket Race See what happens to the shapes in this rocket race. Can you make a rocket out of different shapes like triandge rectangle, square and circle? 

Friday 17th July

Goodbye and Good Luck! I wish you all the very best for your next year in school and Nursery. It has been amazing to work with the Nursery Children this year. I hope you all have a great summer!


Some holiday Ideas: