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Week 2 (before Easter)

Week Two Home Learning

Its been so lovely to hear how Sophie, Abigail and Isaac are getting on at home! Were very proud of you all for being kind and helpful at home. If you would like to share with me your activities at home let me know by the contact form above or by 'Tapestry'( If your Tapestry account is active.) 

Monday 30th March

Talk about the Story : Mr Wolfs Pancakes

What can your child remember about the story, can they retell any of it from memory? Talk about main characters, after a couple of pages what happens next? What could happen at the end? Record your child's ideas in their busy bee books, can they draw a character from the story? Re -watch the story from last weeks link if needed. Cant wait to hear about your ideas!

Heavy or light sorting!

Use any resources you have at home to make some simple scales. Use them to weigh items from around your house like toys, different foods, or your families shoes depending on the size of your buckets! Talk about what was the lightest , what was the heaviest. Hope you have fun exploring different weights. 
Just in case you have got wiggly bottoms at home!

Tuesday 31st March

Mystery Object Game:

You need a bag or pillow case, a collection of items from around your home, some familiar, some unusual.

1. First time you play this game concentrate on one object.

2. Put an object in the bag with out the other person seeing.

3. Tell the children/ Child that we have a mystery object in the bag and you will feel and give clues to what it is, the child can use simple questions to find out more about the mystery object. 

4. Model the questions to your child like " now what does it feel like? its smooth, big small etc.." until your child feels confident to ask some more questions to find out what it is. 

5. Some children  feel very confident to ask questions others don't so just make it quick and fun. 

6. To motive some children, an edible treat might be used as the mystery object, Yum! 


Wednesday 1st April

White Rabbits!

Also Follow this catchy 'Dough Disco' tune, to keep your writing hands in shape!


Why Dough Disco? Here's the information on the moves:

pinch- strengthens pincer grip fingers for holding pencils

roll & Splat - stretches out the palm arches on the hands

hand squeeze- whole hand strength

piano- finger isolation , stretch and strengthen

Heres just one recipe

Number splat!

You can also use rolled magazines to target the numbers or use last years flip flops to swat with!


Re use your cube from last week

Thursday 2nd April

Wiggle writing can be done in the air with scarves, light sabres, wands .....or flannels!

wheels on the bus

Still image for this video
The shapes can also be squiggled on paper or chalked or on steam on the mirrors at bath time too, look for letters in the shapes to help letter formation. Bellow is the information around how this helps early writers. 

Building block challenge

Friday 3rd April

Don't forget to check out some fun Easter activities over the Easter break. Here is an update on our Tadpoles. 

week1 left, week 2 right

Weighing it out.

Have a go at weighing out with your child your favourite recipe, talk about heavy or light , look at the numbers bigger numbers weigh more etc.

Here s just a basic recipe we use in Nursery.