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Week 2


Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello again!


Well it's Friday afternoon and usually we have our Celebration Worship to end our day.  I would have chosen a star of the week for their awesome attitude and a hero or heroine for their fantastic work.  I have seen lots of great work from lots of you over the last two weeks and I know from your grown-ups how hard you have been working so I think this week you are all STARS smiley and HEROS and HEROINES smiley.  Well done to you all!


We start our Easter Holiday at the end of today so there won't be any English or Maths lessons over the next two weeks but there are lots of fantastic fun Easter activities for you to have a go at like I told you about yesterday.


We will all continue to stay safe at home over the Easter Holidays so enjoy this special time with your families. and try your best to be good.


I won't be writing my blog over the holidays.  I am looking forward to spending some special time with my family too.  My garden needs lots of weeding and tidying so I will be outside doing that when I can.  I'm also looking forward to doing some baking and cooking and playing board games with my daughters.


I have recorded the final chapter of My Pet Show Panic!  I hope you have enjoyed this story. 


Now for two jokes from Callum to make you laugh.


Why did the sun go to school?

To get brighter. laughlaugh


Where do aliens keep their sandwiches?

In their launch boxes. laughlaugh


Take care everyone.


Mrs Astellsmiley

My Pet Show Panic Chapter 5: Home, Sweet Home

Thursday 2nd April 2020


Hello again!


I hope that you are all well and being good whilst we are having to stay at home.


We have been busy creating a new folder for you for the Easter holidays with lots of fun Easter activities to do.  So whether you fell like drawing, sticking, listening to a story, colouring, doing puzzles there is something to keep you busy.  We have also added a link to lots of the songs that we sing in Collective Worship which Mrs Carvell has put together for us.  Click on the Collective Worship link on our Home Learning page.  One of my favourites - Arrow by Philippa Hanna is on there so I will be enjoying that one.


Chapter 4 of My Pet Show Panic is now ready for you.  Then there is one more chapter left to finish the story.  I hope you are enjoying it!


Here's another joke from George M

What did the pirate wear for Halloween?

A pumpkin patch. laugh


Take care.

Mrs Astell













My Pet Show Panic Chapter 4: A Matter of Life and Breath

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Hello again everyone.  I hope you are enjoying our class story My Pet Show Panic!  Today you can listen to Chapter 3.  I wonder what you think might happen next?




Mrs Astell


P.S Another pirate joke from George M


Why was the pirate ship so cheap?

It was on sail! laugh

Chapter 3: Here come the judges

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hello everyone!


I hope that you and your families are all ok and that you are enjoying the tasks that we have set.  Hopefully your are all getting better at working out fractions and are doing great English work ready to write some instructions at the end of the week.


Have you had a go at making a lunch for the Lighthouse Keeper yet? 


There are some lovely ideas for some Easter crafts and some great colouring pages too that you could always do during the Easter holidays.


I love hearing from you.  I have got some more photos to add to our gallery from Mawgan, George M and Callum.


Enjoy Chapter 2 of My Pet Show Panic.  Have you worked out what sort of pet Nick is yet?


Mrs Astell


P.S Here is a pirate joke from George M

What is a pirate's favourite exercise?

The Plank!


And another joke from Callum?


Why did the witch itch?

Because someone took away the 'w'


Ha ha ha ha ha ha! laugh









My Pet Show Panic Chapter 2: The Show Begins