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Week 4

Monday 27th April

Hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine from this weekend. Miss Lemon and Mrs Grigoriu say Hi to all of you. Its Fabulous to see Abigail and Noahs work from last week, you are all doing so well.


Here is a story Mat to help you remember some of the key words from the story 'Little Red Hen' see if you can point to the characters and items as they appear in the story. 


Duplo Addition

Have a go at printing Duplo or Lego to get the amount on each card. Use cards 0-10 then more if this is too easy! You can make dough, use plasticine, make wax rubbings or print with paint.

Tuesday 28th April

Here is some 'Little Red Hen' counting eye spy to have a go at.


Its time to get messy with these happy hens! Use any colours you like to make your own colourful flock. If you don't have paint at home you can draw around your hands. See if your grown ups at home will let you use their hands to make bigger happy hens!

Wednesday 29th April

In our story 'The Little Red Hen' she makes some bread, unfortunately I've been struggling to buy any ingredients in the shops to bake some bread which would have been a lovely activity to do at home. Mmmm! the smell is so lovely!  So I hope you enjoy finding out from these internet clips, of how flour is made to make bread. We are lucky at St Johns to live near the Heage windmill and when we can all go out again it would be a fun visit. There is a clip here for you to see inside it for now. Talk together about the different machinery in both short films. What are the machines made from in the modern factory and the traditional windmill? Anything that is the same? any thing that is different.  Can you draw a windmill? 


Round up those sheep with your wiggly fingers!

Thursday 30th April

Here are some fun cutting activities. Always ask a grown up which leaves you can cut up first. If you have a hole punch this is a great way to help small hands to become strong for cutting and writing.

Fab Friday 1st May

Our next sound is the letter 'R r' Look at the shape and listen to its sound. There are some sound sorting activities to do on this power point can you help me sort them out.


It might be raining at the moment, but don't panic Little Red Hen would like the rain to water the farmers fields, to grow the wheat for flour. Here is an activity to see how much rain we have had! (I found adding some stones to the bottom helped it not fall over on windy days too!)