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Week 5

Find out about Mr Hallams step challenge!

Join in and help us climb Mount Everest.


Monday 4th May

Hope you had a bloomin' lovely weekend and I say that because this week we will be looking more closely at plants. I've very much enjoyed seeing Isla, Noah, Mathew, Madeleine and Toby's work this week, thank you for sharing and well done to all the busy bees working hard at home on their projects and being kind around the home. Hope you enjoy this power point looking closely at plants. There is a plant treasure hunt too for you to use on a walk near your home to learn more plant names. 

Tadpole update......

I've built a small pond in my garden to re-home the tadpoles. I have seen the tadpoles swimming around in their new home but no froglets yet!

New Pond

Tuesday 5th May

Here is a snack game to play, can you help me and Mrs G choose our snacks?



Still image for this video

Other shaped snacks are available!

I have enjoyed planting my seeds this year in my little green house. If you can't plant any seeds at home have a go at this sorting activity to see if you can work out the sequence. 

Wednesday 6th May

If you can get out and about on your daily walk, make a tally chart of the different flower colours you can see. You can use your back garden or try spying down your street to count the different colours out of your window.

Count up Tally chart

Veg print some flowers and create a colourful flower picture, make a abstract patterns, can you make a repeating pattern? Or draw on details like stems and leaves when the paint has dried. Experiment and see how you can change the colour of the paint by overlapping prints. Onions can give good pattern shapes too but mind your eyes with the onion juice!

Thursday 7th May

Tomorrow is the 'Victory in Europe' bank holiday. so to help you find out a bit more about this day in History have a look at the power point link  below. On the Class pages there are more activities for Friday and websites to find out more.


There is a template so you can make your own flag, remeber to use the colours red, white and blue. You can design your own red white or blue flags with crayon, paint or try collage from scraps of paper.

Other ways of making your own Flag

The royal Air force played a huge part in helping gain Victory in Europe. Here are some planes you can make, try racing them and seeing who can fly them the furthest!