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Week 3 - w/c 20.04.20



What have we got planned for you this week?

Task 1: Project


This week we will begin our new project.....



A War Begins!


Create a timeline showing major events of the Second World War between 1939 to 1945.


Use the powerpoint and the internet (some links below) to find the dates for events such as the start of the War, the introduction of rationing, the first evacuations, the Battle of Britain, the Blitz, Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour, the official liberation of the prisoner of war camps, Hitler’s death, Churchill’s replacement by Attlee and Japan’s surrender.


There are different ways to create your timeline - how creative can you be?

Task 2: Creative Art


Doors are not only exciting for what may lie behind them, they can be designed

to invite you into their world.  A few years ago, a derelict area of Funchal in Madeira was transformed by local artists who decided to bring the dead doors to life.

The beauty of the art opened new doors, and soon homes, shops and

restaurants flourished there.


Here are a few of those doors.    



Have a go at drawing, painting or creating your own door. 

What design would you choose?  What would it represent?


Daily Reading


Don't forget to read, read and read more!

Have you completed a book review yet?

If not, don't forget to do one this week.

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