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Week 7

Monday 18th May

Hello Busy Bees!

Its been so lovely to hear about all the work that Albie and Isaac have  been up to at home . Keep going all you busy bees at home with your activities, we are very proud of you. 

Ask your grown ups if you can look at the coins in their purse/ wallets for this fun interactive game. See if you can find all these coins and match them to the ones on the screen on the power point game. 

We will be looking more closely at the mini beasts that are out and about at this time of year. I hope you enjoy this story but I hope it does not make you bad tempered!
See how many spots you need to write the letters of your name, If you have a long name you may need two wings!

Tuesday 19th May

How many ladybirds can you spot in this picture? I will give the answer tomorrow. 

Here is a closer look at a Ladybug. Watch this clip  and draw a lady bird in your busy books. Ask an adult to help you write in the leaves shapes your ideas. 

Wednesday 18th May


Here is the answer to yesterdays puzzle: Ten Lady Bugs!


Have a go at these counting finger puppets, they can be made into frogs, ducks or any song you like!


1. Cut strips of paper a grown up can help you. 

2. Make them into hoops with sticky tape or glue.

3. Draw a picture, these are our lady bird theme.

4.Seal the top with tape or glue so they do not slip down little fingers.

5. Sing and count away!

counting finger puppets

This is a wiggly jiggly game. Print out or have an adult help draw out the minibeasts. Pop them in a gift bag so you can choose one picture, put on your favourite music and see which minibeast moves you can make! You can extend this game by the next person having to repeat the move you chose and the picture they pick out.  See how many you can remember before someone gets muddled up!

Thursday 21st May

Have a minibeast hunt with this sheet around your garden or on a walk. How many can you find?


The tadpoles have started to sprout legs! I did manage to finally catch one in this pot to try and show you, they do move fast!
Can you guess the minibeast? An adult or older sibling can help you read the description. 

Friday 22nd May

Its been so lovely to hear from Billy, Freddie, and Toby this week.

Heres an activity to keep you cool! Find objects that sink or float.


Pick and choose the number puzzles in this book. Some are a challenge, if some activities are too tricky choose the ones you can do.