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Week 8 (after half term)

Monday 1st June

Miss Lemon, Mrs Grigoriu and Mrs Lewis all hope you have enjoyed the sunshine over half term. This term we are thinking about different forms of transport. Keep going with your name practice mats at home and thank you to you all sending your lovely updates to me you have all been very busy.


Here is an update on the frog -lets, hopefully i managed to photograph their legs more clearly this time. 


How many animals and people get in the car? you can practice counting 1 more. can you make a car out of  a cardboard box for your teddies? How many can you fit in?

Mr Gumpy's Motor Car - John Burningham

Tuesday 2nd June

Eye spy with my little eye! How many can you count?

'We all go travelling by' is one of my favourite stories to sing along to! I hope you enjoy it too.

Wednesday 3rd June

See if you can be like Bruno in this story and make a creation from your recycling box items.

Our sound of the week is H h can you have a hhh -hunt around for items starting with this letter sound around your home. This Is what I found in the Nursery home corner on my sound hunt.

Thursday 4th June

Have a go at playing this transport bingo game. You can use it at home if its raining or while you are on a walk see how many you can tick off, whoever gets the most can win!

If you have a bike bell ring it along to this song as you count. Practice riding a bike or scooter on one of your trips out.

10 Little Bicycles | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Watch this video and MUCH more in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► 🚴🏿 🚴🏿 😁 Let's count some bicycles with this Super Simple Song for c...

Friday 5th June

We hope you have had a lovely week. Here is some ideas for matching numbers for you to have a go at. If you do not have toy cars you can use other toys to match the numbers or have a go at making little cars from cardboard tubes.

Number car match use dice arrays or numerals to match

Do you know what different parts of a car are called? Talk with your grown ups about what parts you can see as you go for a walk. you can let a grown up help you label the parts on this sheet r draw and label your own picture in your busy bee books.