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Week 8 - w/c 01.06.20

Activities for the week ahead


Money Matters

Can we always have everything we want? If we want something but don’t have the money what could we do? These could include: save, borrow, accept that we can’t afford it, steal, wait until it is reduced, etc.

Do these decisions have consequences? Why might people get into debt by borrowing money

they don’t have?


Read the poem ‘Bling King: Before’ and ‘Bling King: After’

Bling King Before Bling King After Poems

Explain in your own words what was happening before and after in the poem.


Explain what you think the moral of the story is.



This week we have three short tasks for you to conclude our Child's War project.


Task 1: Letters home



Read first-hand, eyewitness accounts (letters) from soldiers sent home to families and loved ones.

Discuss what these letters reveal about how it felt to be away from home and how it

might have felt to receive such a letter.


Task 2: WW2 World Leaders


Look at images of world leaders at the time of the War. Find out about each leader.

You could draw/print a figure outline and fill the inside of the outline with a leader’s characteristics and beliefs.

You could place a picture of the leader in the centre of your page and create a fact file or you could

create a poster of The allies and The axis powers


Task 3: Princess Elizabeth's speech



Listen to Princess Elizabeth making her first public speech on the 13th October 1940, with a radio

address to the children of the Commonwealth. Talk about what she says and why the broadcast was made.

Why do they think it was important for the Princess to make this speech?



Joe Wickes

Cosmic Yoga 

Maths Warrior


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