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Week 9 - w/c 08.06.20


Your activities for the week are ahead


Please read the letter below.....




What is advertising?


Why do manufacturers put large amounts of money into it?


Think of adverts for fast food chains, mobile phones, drinks and trainers.  What techniques might they use to tempt you to buy their product?


What does it mean to be a 'critical consumer'?


How can social media present information in a way that can mislead consumers?


Choose a produce and develop your own pictorial advert.

And here comes your new Project!



Task 1: Locate Mexico


Use world maps and satellite images to locate Mexico, identifying which hemisphere it is in

and the countries that surround it.


Once found, draw a sketch map of the country, showing aspects of its human and physical geography, including major

cities, surrounding seas, mountain ranges, airports and tourist resorts.

(You could use the magnifier technique you used in science when taking a closer look at plants)

Task 2: Chihuahuan Desert




The Chihuahuan is the largest desert in North America, Stretching all the way from south western

United States deep into the central Mexican highlands.


Use maps, atlases, globes and the internet to locate the Chihuahuan Desert.


Learn about the animal and plant species found there, what the climate is like, the people who live there

and the difficulties they face.


How will you present this information? Powerpoint? Collage? Poster? Factfile?


Present your research to others.


Reading at least five times a week

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What's your favourite film or television programme/series, and why?

What/Who have you missed the most during lockdown?

When you think of God, how do you picture him?

Do you prefer to spend time inside, outside, on your own or with others?

If you could receive one thing in the whole world as a present right now, what would it be?