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Week 9

Monday 8th June

Hello to you all. Its been so lovely to hear from Noah, Baxter, Billy and Isaac this week. I will keep putting activities on for you at home so keep busy my busy bees!



Number ramps.

You can use a tube if you have one a garden slide or just a side of a large cardboard box. Use toys with wheels to see how far they travel, if you do not have any of these you could try small balls or other rollable toys.


Tuesday 9th June

Wow I managed to catch one of our Tadpoles in the pond over the weekend! Look at how they have grown.

Tadpole to Frog so far...

Lid Match

You can use bottle top lids and write numbers on them to match or use magnetic numbers to match if you have them.

You can draw your own or print out one of these Number lines.

This Book has so many different forms of transport on the road, which one is your favourite?

Wednesday 10th June

I hope you enjoy looking at different forms of transport on this power point quiz. Can you draw or paint your favourite.

Make sure you pop table cover when making this tyre painting picture pattern.

Thursday 10th June

Talk about the characters and word rhymes from this story.

If all your play dough colours have gone a bit dull have a go at rolling out roads and making signs to add as you go along, you can see how far you can roll your dough out, and remember some funky finger work to strengthen your hands by hopping individual fingers and press them in the dough!

Friday 12th June

Weather permitting have a go at this word washing you can use phonics such as s,a,t,i,p,n shapes or numbers! Have fun. 

Get your listening ears ready! Play Peep Boo and hide your eyes behind your hands ,here are some transport sounds can you guess what they are before you see the screen?  You can also go on a listening walk and see what you hear near your home.