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Monday 23rd March



Tuesday 24th March

Make sure you cover your surfaces for the dough work! Keep practicing your name card in your packs.

Have a dough disco!

Wednesday 25th March

Listening and attention game: Sausages!

Choose one of your child's favourite story books and select a 'chosen word'that will be repeated throughout the story book. For example the main characters name. Explain to your child that when you read the story they have to listen to when the 'chosen word' is repeated and then they can say or sign "Sausages!" Once they get the hang of it you can choose other words and the children can suggest what silly word they can call out for the new 'chosen word'


The Long and the short of it.

Order House hold 'sets' of items, these could be food socks etc. Model the language of long and short and let your child puzzle it out and place them in order. You can draw around items in your busy bee books if they are not too big.


Thursday 25th March

Look at how our tadpoles have grown! Draw your own tadpole tank in your busy bee books. Will your tank have more or fewer Tadpoles that our Nursery tank?

Nursery Tadpole Tank

Frogs Go........ Song

Still image for this video
I Knew my frog hat would come in handy!

Five Speckled frogs Song

Five little speckled Frogs sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious grubs! Yum Yum! One jumped into the pool where it was nice and cool then there were only 4 speckled frogs Glub! Glub!


One little speckled frog sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious grubs! Yum Yum! One jumped into the pool where it was nice and cool then there were no more speckled  frogs Glub! Glub!


(Actions: Have a go at the frog craft letting the children independently paint colour stick and cut safely as much as they can. All frogs can be completely unique,any colour, just use resources you have at home.  Or with fingers home made frogs or toys help children count down from 5-0, children could frog jump when the frogs jump into the pool- or let me know your ideas in your busy books or by email)

Have a go at these at home

Friday 27th March

U is the sound of the week! I hope you enjoy playing this Phonics game at home:  Roll a sound treasure hunt. 

Roll the home made dice, go on a treasure hunt to find an item that begins with that sound. You can play this as one family team or get competitive and go into teams to be the first to find that sound!


Instructions for the home made dice: 

You need a box, scissors, tape, small scraps of paper to write the phonemes on. We have focused on the  sounds s,a,t,i,p,n remember to write them in lower case.

1, Find a perfectly square box or...

2 Cut box in half.

3, Trim one half down to roughly the same size.

4, Cut up the sides on one half only.

5, Push one half inside the other.

6, Tape together.

7, Add the sounds, I've made mine so I can take them off and reuse the dice. 

Making a dice

Measure Your Teddies!

Check out which of your teddies is the longest or the shortest! This activity could be done outside with chalk or on large sheets of left over wall paper inside.


 Aliens Love 'U'nderpants- Our Friday story.


Longest or Shortest?