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Week3 ( after Easter)

Friday 24th April

Happy Friday! I hope you can enjoy this film about the farm. How many animals can you count? Can you make a picture or draw any of them? What noises do they make?

Twirly Farm animals!

Here's a twirly pig to make, It can be made from a circle of cardboard cereal packet if you do not have a paper plate to hand. You could design your own twirly sheep, twirl duck or cow. Be as creative as you like.

Animal Bowling.

Use bottles or toilet rolls to make an animal bowling game, you can practice your counting and numerals as you keep your score to see who wins! 

Thursday 23rd April

There are some great phase 1 phonics to try online the site details below are giving free access for parents during our home working hope you enjoy them.


Snip ,snip! using your best snipping skills can you make some crazy hairstyles out of old envelopes, you make the faces as silly as you like! remember to be careful and only cut the paper.

Wednesday 22nd April

Salt trays are a great way of mark making and can be used for letters pictures or in this case a number game. you can pick numbers out of a bag or use your home made dice to choose the numbers you want to write.



Here are some activities to help with listening skills and letter formation.

Tuesday 20th April

While we are blessed with some sunshine at the moment it gives us time to reflect on what is our favourite thing in nature at the moment?


Print out and draw and write about your favourite thing from nature or record in your busy books

Monday 20th April

I hope you all had some nice treats over Easter time. Its been great to see Isla , Noah, Bobby, Louis, Freddie, Madeleine and Abigail's activities on Tapestry I'm really proud of all the class and I love seeing your fantastic work from home. 

Re-use the dice from week one if you dont have one

We are thinking about the letter 'r' this week. Think about its sound and look at its shape.