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Monday 11th May

I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday. Its been great to see Louis and Freddies work from home and well done to all the busy bees keeping busy at home. 



Letter of the week is 'Hh' have a h sound treasure hunt around your home and see how many things you can find, you could draw or photograph them and pop them in your book. A game we liked to play in Nursery is silly soup this version uses initial sounds. We used a large bowl to put our items in. On the resource below it has some picture cards you can use to give you some ideas.


If you have flower pots and seeds this is great but be creative, you can use cereal or pasta to count amounts out too. 

Count it up!

Tuesday 12th May

Have ago at this activity, you can use any dice from a game or the one we made in the first week. There is also a lovely film on BBC bite size to tell you more about plants.



This is a great sensory exploration while you build the castle in Jack and The Bean Stalk, count how high your castle blocks will be!

Wednesday 13th May

Story maps are a great way to encourage children to remember parts of a story or characters. Try making a story map of Jack and the Beanstalk and see what you can remember from the story. You can draw in your busy bee books or have a go at the resource sheet below. 

Have a go at continuing these bean patterns. You can also make patterns with building blocks crayons or paint.

Thursday 14th May

Here is a great game to play online, Have a think what magic things would you like in your house, you could put your ideas down by drawing a picture and asking an adult to write your ideas down or have a go at writing yourself.

On this website you can practice your 2D shapes with these great yoga moves. I've put a link on for our favourite shapes song from Nursery too!

Friday 14th May

Here's a picture of our smaller tadpoles, the larger ones have hopped away now but we have the last 9 that I managed to count, they have turned a lovely speckled colour and their main body shape is changing. I'm just waiting for those little legs to develop!

Can you spot the five animals that are pretending to be Daisy the cow from Jack and the Beanstalk? 
Make and do! Here are some ideas if you feel like getting messy. Use a playdough recipe from a previous week to make playdough letters, perhaps from your name, you can press Jacks beans, pasta, buttons or pompoms into the dough. Count how many you need for your name. If you would like to make your own beanstalk picture, can you draw yourself climbing up it like Jack? Count out cotton wool balls or scrunched tissue to make the fluffly clouds.