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What kind of home does your pet need? - Science & D & T

Using all the knowledge you have gained over the last few weeks, think what kind of home you think your mystery pet might need.


What are the things all animals need?


There are 6 main things.  Some animals need very different amounts of these things.

They are:- shelter; food; water; warmth; night or day; exercise.


Create an enclosure / cage / home for your pet using a shoe box or tray. You will need to decide where they might live in the wild, just as you did with your zoo animal last week. Also look at the kinds of homes which other pets have, to give you ideas.  Use junk, construction toys like lego, natural objects like grass..  What could you add, to give them exercise?


You may need to try out several ideas, to find the one they like best!


Record your design ideas on paper and take a photo of your finished home.

A real life home for a pet snake, including climbing branch, hidy holes, heat bulb, moss for dampness, water bowl to swim in, flooring...