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Where do animals live, around the world? - Geography & Science

Find out which continent the following animals live in.  Use the internet, or a children's encyclopedia to find the answers.  Why do they live there?  What is the climate and habitat?  What do they eat?  Are they threatened in the wild? - Nat Geo Kids - Science Kids: scroll down the page and click on the animal you want to know more about.


Red Fox

Red Kangaroo

Orangutan (all 3 kinds)

Giant Panda

Polar Bear

Striped Skunk

Emperor Penguin

Red & Green Macaw

Plains Zebra


If you have a printer, you could print off the world map (A3) and the animal pictures (A5) and stick them on the correct continent.  If not, look at the map and see if you can find the different continents where these animals live.