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Wild and domestic animals

Wild & Domestic animals:

Some animals have been kept by humans as pets, to work, or for food for thousands of years.  These animals now look different to their wild cousins – can the children work out which is which?

Play a family quiz with your child, describing the animals without naming them.  Can your child ID which animal it is?  Then let your child take a turn for you to guess – try to use the technical vocabulary learnt over the last couple of weeks.  Describe animals – behaviour, where they live, how they behaviour, what they eat, introducing interesting facts about the animals...


Pair up the animals, then write about 1 pair, explaining the similarities between the wild and domestic varieties….

The animals are as follows:

European Lynx,      Pig,                        Zebra,                 African Painted Dog

Donkey,                 Dog,                       Cat,                     Wild Boar

Chicken,                Budgerigar,            Sheep,                 Cape African Buffalo

Wild Sheep           Lop Eared Rabbit   Red Jungle Fowl   European Robin

European Rabbit   Bull