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Year 1



Children learn basic skills.  Using a mouse accurately.  They will be taught that a computer keyboard is laid out in a particular way to make typing quicker and they will learn to locate keys on the keyboard.   They will be taught that we have a network of linked computers and they have their own area on a server which they access by logging in.  They will learn to open and close programmes and that different programmes serve different purposes.


Pupils will use simple pseudo code to write algorithms.   They will be encouraged to find and fix errors in their algorithms. 





Children will use a simple graphics programme.  They will be taught that there are a variety of tools which serve different purposes.  We will discuss the difference between creating graphics on the computer and on paper.  Children will learn to save documents.


Children will learn to navigate the internet using computer icons, simple search boxes, menus and indexes.


Pupils will begin to use a simple word processing package.  They will learn to change font, use capital letters and insert clipart.  They will save and open documents.  They will be encouraged to begin to think about the choices they make. 


Pupils will learn that we use ICT to gather and represent data.  They will create and interpret pictograms.





We will discuss the schools acceptable use policy at a very simple level.   Children will send digital messages and be reminded about being polite and kind when sending messages.