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Year 1


This term our exciting project is...

Splendid Skies!


Read 'The Very Windy Day' and answer some questions about it on 'I am Learning'.


Log into I am Learning, then check the calendar to see your homework.


Melting marshmallows over the camp-fire!

Y1 Picnic with Mr Fox!


The children had a wonderful time having a picnic on the school field, weaving from natural materials and building dens.  Can you spot Mr Fox in the photos?

Age Expected Standards - Year 1



Please click on the above logo to find the end of Year 1 'Age-Expected Standards' that pupils are working towards this year.  




I Am Learning is a really useful tool to help engage your children in their learning at home with exciting activities and games!


They can access set activities on this website by logging in:


The school id is: jode56

The username is their full name as one word: e.g. joesmith

The password is their date of birth: e.g. 25022010


The children have already had access to this at school and, as well as working on set 'homework' activities, they can also access useful revision pages too!  They can unlock more games and access reward points with each task that they complete!


Click on the 'I Am Learning' logo above to begin!'


Have fun!