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Year 2



Children will use menus and indexes to navigate the world wide web.  They will learn about different search engines and how to conduct simple searches on the web.  They will learn how to copy and paste pictures from websites.


They will learn that computers can work with sound as with any other form of data and this is different to using sound on other devices.


Children will begin to use Scratch to write simple programmes.  They will learn that we can write programmes to control devices. They will create algorithms to help write a programme.  They will learn that their instructions need to be accurate.




Children will use software to create and modify sound and music. 


They will use a graphics programme with increasing sophistication.  Using symmetry and creating and using stamps.   They will become more discriminate and accurate in their use of tools. 


Pupils will continue to develop their word processing skills.  They will learn to import a picture they have created using a different application.  They will begin to learn and practice touch typing skills.


They will add information to a database which they will then search. 




We will discuss keeping safe when using the internet.  What to do if something you find on the internet which upsets you.  Not opening messages from people we don't know or opening attachments.  Sending or re-circulating nasty messages.   Reading Digi Ducks adventures.