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Year 2

Sports Relief 2016


We enjoyed coming to school dressed in our sports clothes. 


We ran for sport relief and helped to raise money.

Year 2 Art Gallery

We were thrilled that so many parents, grandparents and friends were able to come and see The Year 2 Art Gallery. We really enjoyed sharing our work and showing what wonderful art work we have produced! In case you missed it, here are some photographs of the event...


We will be setting homework tasks each week on I Am Learning. New homework will be available each Friday evening until the following Friday, when new tasks will be set. Your teacher will check to see how well you're doing each week laugh.


If you have forgotten your login details, please contact Mrs Clare.


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Year 2 Visit the Cinema!

We went to see Paddington at the Ritz Cinema for our Christmas treat!

Mend the Manger 

Year 2 get busy!

Year 2 have almost finished their Street Detectives project. Their final task was to choose an area of the school environment to improve. They decided that the area outside Mrs Girling/Mrs Robertson's classroom needed tidying and a brighten up.

We painted, swept and planted...

Look what we did!

Street Detectives Homework tasks

Below are some links to some exciting websites that may help with your work in class. Have a go!