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Year 4



They will use Scratch to create an animation of the human digestive system and use web cams to create animations showing how to look after your teeth.  They will learn to use loops and conditional statements when programming.  This will enable them to create games.  They will learn to adapt and apply solutions and know that different solutions exist for the same problem.


Children will look at converting music to code and write an algorithm to convert music to code.  They will learn to adapt a solution that solved one problem to another (generalisation)




Children learn to use Microsoft Publisher.  The discuss the differences between this and Word. 


They also learn to use Powerpoint and are encouraged to be discriminate when choosing animations, effects, pictures and transitions.


They will learn to send e-mails, add attachments, create an address book.


Children will create a branching database in line with their topic "Playlist". 




We will discuss e-mail safety guidelines and etiquette comparing and contrasting e-mail with "snail mail".