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Year 5

Mr Hallam and Mrs Robinson would like to thank all of the children for a wonderful 2015-16

at St. John's and a fantastic Year 5! Thank you to all families and parents

for their never-ending support. We both wish all of the children the best for

Year 6 and beyond.


Mr Hallam and Mrs Robinson :D


We've had a fantastic year! Thank you for all your help and support!

Mr Hallam's class have a Brazilian Carnival!

This week St. John's had a fantastic time building, designing and making as part of Engineering Week. Miss Dallison and Mrs Gascoiyne worked very hard to put on a brilliant week of Scientific investigation with help from Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce have launched their Bloodhound Project and aim to race a 1000 mph car through the desert in South Africa. As part of this project, we were very privileged to have engineers in all week helping children of all ages build K'Nex cars, spaghetti structures and have a glimpse of life as an engineer! Our Year 5 pictures are below showing some of the great fun the children had.


Mr Hallam and Miss Dallison :)

STEM week mega structures! Miss D's class.

A few pictures from Whitehall 2015, Miss D's class

Mr Hallam's class say goodbye to Jack! Good luck in Scotland!

It snowed!

Mr Hallam's class investigate solids, liquids and gases!