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Year 6



Pupils begin to use text based code and appreciate the need for care with syntax.


Pupils learn the basics of computer components.  Binary code.  Data transfer.  The different types of memory and how it is accessed.


Pupils write more complex algorithms to solve problems.  They will then convert their algorithms into code.  They will use Boolean operators in their code.


Children will learn to use basic HTML to create websites.  Inserting pictures, changing backgrounds, fonts, adding hyperlinks. 




Pupils will learn how to use a VBA code in Powerpoint to create a quiz game.


Pupils continue to learn to check for bias and authority when considering content on the world wide web. 


Pupils will use Word pad and a web browser to create and view the websites they create.


By now pupils are expected to choose which application is best suited for their needs.  They will be set tasks which require them to use a variety of programmes to create and combine digital content for presentation.




Children are expected to be aware of copyright.  They also are reminded to consider the audience when creating digital content. 


Children are now taught e-safety at a level to prepare them for later years.