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Year 6

Bonjour pour la dernière fois!

I have put together a quiz to review what you covered in Y5 this time, as the final installment of our review of your work at St John's...

Here is another school's version of the play - see how it compares to yours...

I hope you have enjoyed revisiting some of our past learning recently and feel equipped to move on to secondary school, safe in the knowledge that you have put some excellent work into languages at primary - I have very much enjoyed teaching you all and will miss your smiles, the sweetness of some, the funniness of others, the kindness of many, the energy and likeability (is that a word?!) of all!...and your great acting skills too! I have loved sharing the past 4 years with you and will miss you all...and so say 'Au revoir'!

                                                          Mrs W-B   xxx