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Results & League Tables

Results & League Tables

Competition Results 2016-17

Event Year Group Result
Boys Football Tournament 5/6 Runners-Up
KS1 Athletics Y2 Winners
Sportshall Athletics Y5/6 Runners-Up
Sportshall Athletics Y3/4 Runners-Up
Tag Rugby Tournament Y5/6 Winners
KS1 End Ball Tournament Y2 Winners
Basketball Tournament Y5/6 Winners
KS2 End Ball Tournament Y3/4 5th
Basketball Borough Finals Y5/6 6th in borough
Boys Futsal Tournament Y5/6 Runners-Up
Boys EFL Kids Football Cup - Local Stage Y5/6 Joint Winners
Girls Futsal Tournament Y5/6 Winners
Boys EFL Cup County Finals Y5/6 Runners-Up
Table Tennis Tournament Y5/6 Winners
KS1 Racket Festival Y2 Joint Winners
DCLFC Girls Football Tournament Y4 Quarter Finalists
Mini-Tennis Tournament Y3/4 Runners-Up
DCLFC Girls Football Tournament Y5/6 4th in group stage
High-Five Netball Tournament Y5/6 3rd
KS2 Cross Country Y3/4/5/6 Winners
AVSSP Elite Tag Rugby Tournament Y5/6 Runners-Up
Mini-Tennis Regional Finals Y4 4th in the borough
KS2 Golf Competition Y6  
KS2 Cycling Y4/5/6 3rd
KS2 Swimming Gala Y5/6 Winners
Boys Kwik Cricket Tournament Y5/6 Winners
Boys Kwik Cricket Borough Finals Y5/6 Winners
Girls Kwik Cricket Tournament Y5/6 Runners-Up
KS2 Individual Cycling Y5/6  
Girls Football Tournament KS2  
KS2 Tough Runner Y5/6  
KS2 Dance Comp KS2  
KS2 Orienteering Y4/5/6  
Derby City Under 11's Football League Y5/6 Runners-Up
Derby City Under 11's Tag Rugby League Y5/6 Winners
Derby City Year 6 9 a-side Football Cup Y6 Winners


7 a-side Football League & Cup Results 2016-17

Opponent Match 1 Match 2
St. Werburghs (Home) 2-0 0-2
Chellaston (Cup) (Home) 0-1 N/A
Wren Park (Away) 0-0 0-1
William Gilbert (Home) 2-1 1-0
St. Albans (Home) 2-0 2-1
Gayton (Home) 0-1 0-5
St. Peters Win by forfeit Win by forfeit


9 a-side Football Fixtures & Results

Opponent Result
First Round - Bye No game
Quarter-Final - Walter Evans (Home) 2-0
Semi-Final - Cavendish Close (Away) 1-5
Final - Oakwood 4-1 win


Tag Rugby League Results 2016-17

Opponents Match 1 Match 2
Ockbrook (Home) 14-12 13-10
Parkview (Away) Win due to forfeit Win due to forfeit
Dale (Home) 16-13 18-16
Oakwood (Away) 9-12 10-14
Chellaston (Home) 9-9 14-10
Duffield Meadows (Away) 16-16 14-17


7 a-side Football League - last updated 6.5.16

Tag Rugby League - last updated 6.5.16


7 a-side Football League Results

Opponent Match 1 Match 2
Shelton (Away) Win due to forfeit Win due to forfeit
Duffield Meadows (Away) 0-1 1-1
St. Peter's (Away) 1-1 0-0
Walter Evans (Home) 3-0 4-0
Ravensdale (Home) 1-0 1-1
William Gilbert (Home) 2-1 2-0
Chellaston (Home) 2-0 2-1


7 a-side Cup Results

Opponent Match
St. Albans (Neutral - Derby County Training Ground) Cup final 2-3 (Runners Up)
Ravensdale (Away) - Semi-Final 0-2
Duffield Meadows (Away) - Quarter-Final 2-4 (AET)
Oakwood (Away) - Round of 16 2-3
St. John's bye to the next round N/A


9 a-side Cup Results

Opponent Match
Dale (Home) - Semi-Final 1-1 (Dale won on penalties)
Cavendish Close (Away) 0-1


Tag Rugby League Results

Opponent Match 1 Match 2
Chellaston (Away) Win due to forfeit Win due to forfeit
Derby High (Home) Win due to forfeit Win due to forfeit
Oakwood (Home) 17-13 16-11
Dale (Home) 10-11 12-10
Parkview (Away) 10-13 7-8
Ravensdale (Home) Win due to forfeit Win due to forfeit
Duffield Meadows (Home) 9-9 7-8