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The aim of this page is to celebrate the work and activities that have taken place over the

past half term.


Children in our Reception classes have enjoyed lots of Science based learning during the last half term. There are bags of photographs on their Reception class page, in particular in the Reception photographs folder. They have learned lots about living and growing with a visit from Mrs Smallman and her grandson Alexander; an exciting pet week with lots of visitors including Luke the Giant Land Snail; and just before the Easter break the children were able to experience real chicks hatching and growing, they changed so much in just two weeks.

 Year One

Children in Year 1 have just enjoyed an action packed project 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'. On their class pages you can see what they have been up to including their memorable experience where lots of pets came to school for an afternoon. Children have investigated what animals eat- whether they're carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. They looked at similarities and differences between species, and variations amongst classmates. They also investigated camouflage and how it can protect a creature from predators.

Picture 1 Paws Claws and Whiskers display by Miss Thompson

Year Two

Year Three

Children in Year 3 have been busy in their Flow project. They have looked closely at soils, examined water samples and enjoyed a visit from friends from Carsington Water. They investigated where water comes from, finding out about the water cycle and also how our water is cleaned.   

Look on the Year 3 class page for photos from this visit.

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Year Four

Year Five

Year 5 became chemists last half term in the 'Alchemy Island' project. They examined samples sent by the island's Chief Alchemist, grouping and comparing materials. They investigated separation including filtering, sieving and evaporating. They planned several scientific enquiries to answer questions in an attempt to find gold- I wonder if anyone did??