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Before, after school and holiday childcare

Summer holiday club - July and August 2021


We are really please that Tom Ellison is going to be running a holiday club at St. John's, exclusively for St. John's children during July and August 2021. 


Tom has worked with St. John's for many years running our after school gymnastic clubs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Many children and families know him.


More information about the club is below. All bookings and questions need to be directed straight to Tom and not school by contacting him through his web site or through the contact Tom form below.

Before School 'Wake up Club' with Tom Ellison


Information updated on July 6th. 


We are pleased to share that Tom Ellison and his Star Primary team will be running our before school club from September 2021. 

The Wake Up Club will start at 7.30pm every day. 


More information including can be seen on his website. CLICK HERE. 

  • How to book
  • Cost
  • Activities on offer


Many thanks to Tom who is looking forward to running this club with his team and helping families return to more normal routines in the new school year. 

Contact Tom

Use this form to ask Tom questions about the summer holiday club.

Before school Books and Breakfast club

We run a daily Books and Breakfast club. This is a free club for pupil premium children where they can enjoy a nutritional breakfast, read to an adult and have help completing homework or even do a craft activity. It is a very friendly happy start to the day run by Mrs. Cockayne and Mrs. Turner.


CLICK HERE to find out more and enquire about spaces at the Books and Breakfast club.  

Local Childminders

There are several local child minders that help families with before and after school child care. We do not recommend any particular child minder but the websites below will help you find many of the local providers. We do work closely with child minders that pick up and drop off at school to try to help them ensure that their children arrive in the mornings and and leave in the afternoons safely.

Please note that we are not responsible for the provision of any of the child minders listed on the web sites below and parents are advised to check the child minder's OFSTED report and speak to other families that may already use them to help them choose a child minder that they would like to work with.


Please note that we are not responsible for the content of external websites.