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All of our children are taught how to stay safe online. We base our lessons on some of the materials found in the SWGfL (South West Grid for Learning) Digital Literacy programme. Parents are invited to look at some of the material we will be using. CLICK HERE to be taken to the SWGfL webpage. Once here you will be able to download the word document or PDF for your child's year group. Your child's class teacher will not necessary be using all of the materials highlighted by the SWGfL and may use some others that aren't found here, but we hope that having this link will help parents support us in keeping children safe online.


Parental e-safety workshop


In February 2021 Traci Good led two parent workshops to help families use the internet safely. They were online and well attended by parents who found Traci's advice useful. You can find the parent information shett that Traci shared below. 


Online Safety Production


On Friday 8th February 2019 our Year 2 to Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed a visit by Saltmine Theatre Company with their production ‘Escape’. Saltmine Trust is a Christian charity and theatre company who describe what they do as 'Faith Motivated Arts, because our faith inspires us to care for and value every human being'. 


This production covered topics ranging from cyberbullying to the dangers of talking to strangers online. The storyline focused on the main character, Sarah, and the rules she'd been given to stay safe in the forest, which represented the internet. 


Afterwards, the children engaged in a question and answer workshop. where they were reminded of age restrictions - including Fortnite, WhatsApp and Snapchat - and how to stay safe online.


Here are some pictures of their visit:

The links and documents below are all from various sources that we have found and consider to be useful to help parents keep their children safe online.

The documents below are all from Derbyshire Local Authority and have been produced for parents to help keep their children safe online.