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Vision & Ethos

We are a Christian environment for growing, learning and fun.

Our Ethos

  • St John’s is a family – we care for each other; encourage each other; celebrate and have fun together, and help each other along.

  • St John’s is a safe place – where children are valued, and taught to appreciate diversity and value each other - to show respect for people, and for the world.

  • St John’s is a hard working place – children are encouraged to aim high; to achieve the best they can; through innovative, inspirational, and high quality teaching.
  • St John’s is a welcoming place – we live, work, and pray in partnership with our families; our local church; and the wider community.


Our vision

  • We develop unique, confident and happy children, within an exceptional Christian learning community, preparing and empowering them for life in a changing world. 


Our Five year plan

  • We have high aspirations for all our children and staff. We set high expectations and promote children to be resilient learners by providing them with the tools and confidence to take risks that will further develop their learning.

  • From Summer 2016 to Summer 2021, to deliver our vision our key priorities are:


  • To develop the whole child by building on existing good teaching whilst actively aspiring to outstanding, across the breadth of the curriculum.

  • To embed a culture where staff CPPD and best practice are embraced as part of everyday life at St John’s; is pro-actively enabled and nurtured; and shared positively with the children (demonstrating Continuous Personal and Professional Development by example).

  • To promote parental and stakeholder engagement – bringing them into delivering the best learning for the children in St John’s.

  • To take account of national issues likely to impact on the school.

  • To maintain the secure financial health of the school.

  • To develop excellent infrastructure and resources as an enabler to learning

To down load an easy to print version of our Vision, Ethos and Five year plan click on the document below.

Every year we publish our School improvement Plan in our Policies and Paperwork section of our website.