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We are very proud of our curriculum at St. John's. We deliver exciting lessons that, when appropriate, are linked to a half termly theme or project. Our project titles and some of the materials that we use are based on the Cornerstones curriculum and children look forward to projects such as 'Bright Lights - Big City' in year one where they learn about London and host a tea party for the queen who comes and visits us every year.


The curriculum overviews below show you how we use these projects across the whole school to teach the majority of National Curriculum subjects. You are also invited to go to the Cornerstones project page to see information about the projects that you children will be learning by following this link.

Some subjects are taught outside of these projects. However, links with the half termly theme

will still be made where appropriate.


Curriculum plans for these subjects can be found below. 

We take every opportunity to promote British Values at St. John's. Below you will find examples of how we go about ensuring our children appreciate the importance of British Values and how we respond to them.

These sub pages below are intended to help parents see what standards children are expected to have achieved at the end of each school year. We use them in school to record whether or not we have seen a child work at that standard or whether we believe the child fully understands and can apply that standard across the curriculum.

How to use these sheets to help at home was discussed at a parent workshop. Information provided to parents at that evening can be downloaded from our website it the 'Paperwork and Policies' section.