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Music is a subject that helps to develop creativity, imagination, good listening skills, constructive criticism and the ability to express personal thoughts and feelings.


Music develops children’s ability to take part in practical activities, both individually and in groups, and encourages and cultivates an enjoyment of different genres of music.


We feel the Music curriculum provides breadth and balance, is relevant and engaging and is adapted to match all needs and abilities. 

Music Express

Music Express is a fully resourced, progressive scheme for teaching music in primary schools. It contains lessons, songs, warm ups and a range of other musical activities that support every aspect of musical learning in the primary school.


Most resources comprise audio and/or video activities that are ideal for group and whole-class teaching. As well as weekly lesson there are over 400 songs, with audio tracks and synchronised lyrics displayed. There are warm ups and bite-sized skill builders to develop strong foundations in beat, rhythm and pitch. 


We believe that music enriches the lives of people, and so we wish to involve as many children as possible in musical activities. We have a school choir which we encourage Key Stage 2 children to join. The choir meets on a weekly basis and, although its primary aim is to enable children to enjoy singing together, it also performs in public on a number of occasions throughout the year, for example at the Christmas Carol Concert and the Summer Music Night. We also perform at local community events and a local Care Home.  

Wider Opportunities

Year 4 pupils are taught an instrument over the course of the academic year under a scheme known as ‘Wider Opportunities’. Children learn to play an instrument as part of a whole class. The instrument hire and lessons are free of charge to the children.



Further Opportunities

Children in Years 5 and 6 are offered the opportunity to continue with tuition. Parents who want their children to participate in the scheme pay additional music lesson fees on a termly basis. These extra lessons are normally taught to small groups of children who have chosen to continue the instrument.

Peripatetic Lessons

Key Stage 2 children are able to have individual and small group lessons in a range of instruments, currently flute, recorder, guitar, violin, trumpet, cornet and trombone. These lessons normally take place during lessons times from which children are withdrawn for the duration of the instrumental lesson.


Lunchtime Live!


We invite musicians to visit us at St John's and perform live music for our children. We invited parents and grandparents to perform for the children on our playground at lunchtime.

Visiting Musicians

Students from Belper School visited us and performed for the children.