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Building and plan of school

Plan of school

Our school is built around the main building that was opened in 1972. As we have grown several extensions to the main building have been added as well as four external classroom blocks. The latest expansion took place during 2019 when three brand new reception classes were built. 

At present we have 18 classes and classrooms, a library, school hall, 6 break out rooms for small group work and IT suite as well as a large playground and an extensive school field overlooking the Amber Valley countryside.

The below pictures are of the original building being built in the 1970's. If any one else has any photographs of the school being built, or of anything else to do with St. John's, that would be interesting to share, please contact the school and we'll post them online.


We have also added a slide show showing pictures of the extension work when the nursery was built in 2017 and reception classes weer built in 2019. 

The building of St. John's circa 1970

Nursery building 2017 and Reception building 2019

Celebrating 50 years at Laund Nook

This presentation below shares pictures of St. John's from the 1880's to when we moved into Laund Nook in January 1972.