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National Clean Air Day 20th June 2024

We are please to be supporting National Clean Air day on the 20th June 2024. 

Click the link below to go to our Clean Air Day page

Traffic survey - November 2021

Many thanks to Rob Bounds from Derbyshire Travel smart and parent volunteers for helping with a traffic survey in November 2021. The results can be seen below. A message to parents written by Mr. Averis and Rob can be seen below. 



“A recent traffic count by the Council confirms there are lots of cars around school in the morning and afternoon. This volume of traffic is a concern both in terms of road safety and the negative impacts of congestion and air pollution. Over the coming weeks and months we want everyone to continue to work together to help find and implement possible solutions which could include:

encouraging more people to swap the car for walking or scooting

asking those who drive to school to park further away and walk the last 5 minutes of the journey to school

working with the Council to investigate the options for closing the road to traffic.


This will help support our work around promoting active travel by encouraging healthy and environmentally friendly journeys.


Many thanks - Mr. Averis and Mr. Rob Bounds. 

We are taking part in the national Modeshift Sustainable Travel Accreditation & Recognition for Schools award initiative which aims to:

  • increase opportunities for daily physical activity by promoting active and healthier ways of travelling to school such as walking, cycling and scooting;

  • make a contribute to improving air quality;

  • help reduce traffic congestion;

  • promote safer and sustainable ways of travelling for all journey modes.

Our Silver Award 2021

Our Silver Award

Our Bronze Award

World Book Day Scooters 2021

World Book Day Scooters

Prize Winners

The Official Opening of Our Scooter Park by The Mayor of Belper on 17th September 2019.

Some local councillors were outside our school today (16th September 2019) to raise awareness of the dangers of the pollution caused by cars idling outside school. They handed out leaflets and discussed issues with parents and local residents. 

National Clean Air Day 20th June 2019

As part of National Clean Air Day, some of Belper's Town Councillors and the Mayor came in today to work with the Year 2 and Year 3 children. They encouraged the children to think about ways to keep our air clean, ways such as walking to school, giving the car a rest and planting more trees. 

National Clean Air Day - 20th June 2019


20th- 24th May 2019 

As part of our Travel Smart campaign for 20 to 24 May 2019, we are encouraging pupils to put their words in motion and choose more active and environmentally friendly ways to travel smart to school.

As part of the week, you can follow some suggested themes for each day, such as a Two wheeled Tuesday, where pupils can travel by any form of people powered wheels.

Other suggestions include holding a "travel together" day to encourage pupils to make journeys with others – either by car sharing or walking with their friends.

Pupils can also create calligrams to illustrate the different active ways you can make a journey to school and to share their ideas with us by asking an adult to send a photo or drawing to Mrs Newton. The best pictures/photographs will be shared on the website and Twitter page. 

Journey to School

As a school, we would like you to consider your journey to school which could help reduce traffic congestion and improve the safety of our children. Please see the Travel map and bus route  below for ideas on how to do this.

Year 1 and 2 on their Scooter Saftey Training Session. We all learnt how to be Scooter Smart.

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