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Policies & Paperwork

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

You will also find below several forms that families use regularly. Hard copies of all of these forms are available in school. 

Text Messages from School and Online Payments to School

Please complete this form and return to the school office if you would like to be able to receive text messages from school, for example informing you of cancelled clubs/events, school closures and payment reminders. We also offer online payment as an alternative to sending cash into school for dinner money and some trips/activities.

Parental permission form

Below is our 'Parental Permission' form. Parents are asked to complete this when their child starts school in reception and then again at the start of juniors in year three. However, should circumstances change at any time, parents are invited to return one to school with any new information that you want us to be aware of.

Leave of absence for when children need time off school

Below you will find our Exceptional Leave request form. This needs to be completed and returned to school if you wish to take your child out of school for any reason other than doctor or medical appointments and child illness.

More information about leave of absence and children not attending school can be found in the Attendance section of this site. CLICK HERE.

Administration of Medicine

If your child is taking a course of medicine we ask that as often as possible the medicine is administered at home. 

If your child requires some medicine during the school day you are required to speak to Mrs. Cooper our Welfare and Medical assistant. Mrs. Cooper works in school 5 days a week from 8.45am to help with families dropping off children in the morning who would like to speak to her. 

If we are able to help and administer the medicine during the school day, you will be asked to complete an administration of medicine form. See below. 

This form can be found on our Administration of medicine policy that can be found on our website. CLICK HERE. 

Home and School Agreement

Parents and school are invited to sign this agreement when their children enroll at our school. This document helps set out the expectations that parents should rightfully expect of St. John's and what we expect of families and children attending St. John's. 

Electronic devices, such as mobile phones, in school.

To help parents and carers understand what children can and can't bring to school, we have published this information about electronic devices such as watches, fit-bits and phones. 


Severe winter weather and school closures.

Unfortunately there may be times when the school has to close or can't open. Please read the information below as to what we will do if snow, severe weather or any other circumstances mean that we have to close the school.

Please do not ring the school in these circumstances, read the information below to help you with what we will be doing.

Poorly children staying at home and returning to school when better

To help keep us all healthy and safe at St. John's we use the guidance provided by Public Health England to inform us of when children should come to school after a period of illness. This guidance can be found on the government's website by following the second link below.

The first link below helps parents decide if they should send their child to school, for example if they have a runny nose.

Helping families with passport applications

We may be able to help some families with some aspects of passport applications for their children. Please see the document below for further information. 

Privacy notice - supplemental information

The table below lists the companies that we may share information with about pupil, governors or staff to help with day to day processes and requirements. 

It was last updated on 15.03.2023

Company or websitePupilsGovernorsStaff
RM Integrisyny
Teachers to parentsyny
School Moneyyny

y - name and school details such as assessment data

n - personal details, including address


Google Workspace

Including Google Classrooms

Microsoft 365yyy
My Concernyny
Parent Payyny

Department for Education

y - Daily attendance levels reported to DfE as per their privacy notice - CLICK HERE  
Primary Site

y - photographs with permissions

n - pupil names and other details

y - School email address

y - minutes of meetings


Rennaisance Learning

(Accelerated reader)



Google Workspace supplementary information

We use Google Workspace at St. John's, and every child has a Google Workspace account. Amongst other things this allows them to use Google Classrooms. The services that we use are to help us ensure that children are able to use their Google Workspace safely to help them with their school work. 


The list below shows which additional google services children have access to when using google classrooms and which additional services we have blocked. 

For example YouTube is blocked and Google Maps is allowed. 


The below list will be updated when needed. It is correct as of 16.12.21.