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Helping your child with maths

Helping your child with their maths at home is really important. It isn't just about sitting at a desk to help them with their homework. Maths is all around us, we use it every day hundreds of times.

Three golden rules to help you child with maths

  1. Be positive yourself. NEVER say 'I can't do maths' or 'I didn't like maths at school'. You are your child's greatest role model. You don't want your child to think not doing maths is OK, it isn't.
  2. Talk to your child when you are using maths, e.g.
    1. Using money in a shop
    2. Using time to work out how long the journey will take
    3. Sport is full of numbers, personal bests, world record scores. Watch MOTD together, there are hundreds of numerical statistics to discuss.
  3. Praise you child's effort, rather than their talent or result. This will show them that by working hard they will always improve. At. St. John's we always use the word 'yet'. For example a child ha to say "I can't do this YET, can I have some help please?"

Use the first link below to go to the National Numeracy Family Maths Toolkit. The second link below that takes you to a site that provides confidential and free help for parents who may struggle with maths themselves and want to, but find it difficult to help their children.


Our Calculation Policy is a really helpful guide for parents that helps show how we teach maths at school today. It has pictures and hints showing parents how you can help children at home with their homework, or when using maths in general.



In September 2019 Mrs. Allen led a maths workshop attended by just under 50 parents to share information with them about the multiplication tests that Y4 children will take in the summer. This national multiplication test will be taken by all year 4 children in the summer term when they are in year 4. You can download a copy of the information she shared below.