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We will be moving to using GOOGLE CLASSROOM for all home learning on Monday. We will be posting work (assignments) for the children to complete. This work can be sent back to the class teacher via the 'turn it in' button.


We are choosing to move to this format of home learning for many reasons:

1. It is much more interactive

2. The children can communicate much easier with their class teacher

3. We can give feedback on the children's learning

4. We can support families much easier during this difficult time

5. We will be keeping a record of who is engaging with home learning each day

6. We may post times of certain lessons taking place in school so the children at home could join in at the same time - make it feel much more like the class is altogether! 


Therefore, please ensure you are logged in and sorted on Google Classroom before the weekend begins, that way we can iron out any issues and ensure it is working for all children at home and in school. If you are having any issues, please contact your child's teacher via the contact form on the website or in a message on Google Classroom. Please rest assured we will do everything we can to support you at home, as quickly as possible, between teaching the children in school.


Can you find all the key features of a letter?

Do you know the features of persuasive writing?

What SPAG things do we need to use in a letter to David Attenborough about the environment?


Make a TOOLKIT or MIND MAP to tell me all the things we need to include in our amazing writing next week laugh

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