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2020 blog of preparation and visit

Tuesday 21st January


3 Days to go!


The children have been making short videos on the Ipad to take to Scott Lane next week - today Mrs Higgs' Year 3 class recorded the lunchtime prayer, whilst Mrs Allen's Year 4 class recorded a message to the Scott Lane children about where they live. We are looking forward to showing these videos off next week! Meanwhile the Lego has continued to come in - many thanks to all; we will stop collecting now, as our cases are getting very full!

Monday 20th January




This morning the children who come to the Kolkata Club presented an assembly to the rest of the school - both infants and juniors.  They told everyone what myself  and Mrs Winson-Bushby will be doing whilst in Kolkata next week.


This evening we have been sorting out the resources that we are taking with us, and starting to pack our bags. The challenge will be to keep our luggage below 30kg... There are books, pencils, Belper mugs for the teachers, story spoons and more.  Oh and we need to fit some clothes in there too!

Thank you all so much for your Lego donations.  There is a wonderful variety of pieces, colours, people, wheels and shapes.  We will enjoy sharing these with the children at Scott Lane and will be sure to take some photos.

Just some of the things we are taking to Kolkata in Mrs Hodgson’s bag

Just some of the things we are taking to Kolkata in Mrs Hodgson’s bag 1

Tuesday 7th January 2020


Countdown to Kolkata.... 16 days!



We would like to take a box of Lego with us to Kolkata for the children at Scott Lane.  With this in mind we are inviting the children at St John’s to each donate one piece of Lego as we would love to take something that represents as many households as possible.  For now we are suggesting 1 piece per child (with a maximum of 10 pieces) - to be handed in at the school office in an envelope marked ‘Lego Kolkata’ before 17th January. There is no obligation at all to participate in this project, but it would be great if you can.

Wednesday 27th November 2019


On Sunday 23rd November, four children from school went to St Peter’s church to talk about the school link with Kolkata.  Suri has made a box so that children can write questions and make suggestions for Mrs Hodgson and Mrs Winson-Bushby to take to Kolkata in January 2020.  Emily and Xanthe told the people at church about the KEW club and what we do in our French lessons.  For a few weeks the classes have been watching the 2019 blog and practicing writing Kolkata in the way people who live in Kolkata do. Mrs Winson-Bushby gave the junior classes some pictures of Mr Averis and Mrs Hodgson in Kolkata that they had to describe. The KEW club is for children who are interested in learning more about Kolkata, being Eco aware and learning more about Well-being.  As well as talking to the people at church, Emily, Xanthe, Faye and Suri taught the adults how to write ‘star’ in Bengali as it is near to Christmas.  Can you find out how to do this? If you have a go, bring it to show Mrs Hodgson or Mrs Winson-Bushby.


written by Xanthe and Emily

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