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5TH PRIZE - EASTER CRAFT GOODY BAG - Donated by Leaps and Bounds Nursery, Belper.

We would like to thank Leaps and Bound Nursery for their donation to our Easter Raffle of a craft goody bag.


Welcome to Leap & Bounds Nursery

A complete service

From little babies, all the way up to after-school clubs for primary school children, Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery can help.


Tailored to your child

We make sure all the children we look after are catered for, and we take all their likes and abilities into consideration.


A secure and safe environment

Our facility here in Belper is completely secure, giving you peace of mind. All boundaries are protected by locked gates, which can only opened by staff members with key fobs. This ensures no unauthorised people are able to enter.