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Monday 24th- I can follow instructions.


Follow the instructions to make a woodland crown, Talk about the different steps in 'what to do'. Talk about how the list of 'What you need'. how was it helpful to have these instructions.

Woodland crown instructions.

22nd September Tuesday- Ican sound out words. I can set my words out in a list.


Create your own useful list. Have a go at sounding out with your phonic knowledge a list of things you need to make a crown. Talk with your adult how this is different to a sentence. How is it the same? i.e full stops and capital Letters, sitting writng on lines. Just fill out the list part for todays lesson. 

Thursday 24th-I can talk about how Verbs can be used in my instructions.

Focusing on the instruction part of the worksheet 'Making a woodland crown' look at the information. talk about how the instruction part is written in sentences, why is it important for these instruction sentences to make sense. What punctuation do we use? Look at the words in blue. They are verbs talk about the verbs as 'doing ' words. They are the words in these sentences that tell us how to do something why are they important? How do they help our sentences?

Have a go at adding simple instruction sentences to you 'How to make a woodland crown' instructions.


Friday 25th- I can identify verbs in my instructions. Comprehension: I read/listen to information sentences and sort them into an order that makes sense.

Re cap on how verbs help our information sentences. Use the attached sheet below along side the original instruction sheet. Can you read and order the sentences to make sense?  

Jumbled Instruction sheet- print cut and stick in order.