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Monday 4th January. 


Objective:  I can use suffix- 'ed' with a verb.


  Verbs can be changed by adding the suffix 'ed'. It helps the words explain that what happened is in the past. Look at the power point and verbally put the words into a sentence. On the sheet you can have a go at being a time wizzard and putting the verbs into the past. You can have a go at writing one or two sentences with your new words in your green English books. You can use the second sheet to see what happens to verbs, how do the letters change can you see a pattern?

Use the first two pages for suffix work. Use the second sheet to find the patterns in adding suffix 'ed'


worksheets are under each groups phonic group teacher.  Ask your child which group teacher they had in school.



Mrs Girling/Mrs Garbutt/ Miss Bailey

Mrs Betterton