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Falconry visitor

On Tuesday 1st December, Bob Morley will be visiting year 3 with his falconry to tell us more about birds of prey. The children will have two sessions with him as separate classes: a flying demonstration and a sketching session. Normally, we would have sent the letter home this week, but are unable to do so. You will find a copy of the letter below, which will be sent home with the children on 26th November when we return to school. If you are able to, please print the letter and return it along with your contribution on 26th, or alternatively place your voluntary contribution in a sealed envelope with your child's name, class and 'Falconry visit' on the front.

We are very excited about this visit and we are sure that the children will enjoy it.

Mrs Gartside and Mrs Higgs

If you are in receipt of free school meals, please see this copy of the letter: