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Year 3

Hello and Welcome!

From Mrs Gartside, Mrs Higgs and the whole of Year 3. 

We welcome you to our year group page. From here, you can find a link to home learning and homework, reading and games, view our individual class pages and find out what we have been up to in Year 3.

Do let us know if you have any ideas of things to put on here. Keep checking back for exciting updates!

Mrs Gartside, Mrs Higgs and Year Three

Dec '20

The children have now moved onto 'Accelerated Reader' and are choosing from a selection of books, taken from the school library.  Based on an initial quiz they took, they are choosing books with a number, rather than colour band.  After each book they then take a further quiz, to check their understanding of it.  If they do well on several occasions, then they can be moved to a higher numbered book.  To progress, they need to have a full understanding of the book, discussing the content, language used etc.  Therefore, they need to talk about it with an adult, as well as reading it.  As a result, each book should be kept for at least 2 days, if not much longer, depending on it's difficulty .

The children are able to choose a book from home, as well as from school and can take a quiz for it, as long as they have it's title, or know it's AR code (use the link to find this).

Sept '20

At present the children are continuing reading the books in the coloured bands, as they did in the Infants.  In due course they will be moving on to the Accelerated Reader books.  At the moment they need to tell their teacher, when they need to change their books - they should aim to have each book for at least 2 nights and this should include both reading the book and discussing it.

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