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Good morning and happy Friday! smiley

Spelling Test

It's time for your weekly spelling test! The words are below incase you have misplaced them. I look forward to finding out how you did when you return to school. 


It's Friday, which means it is time for your Friday Maths Test! 

Today, you will be continuing to solve problems. Have a look at the PowerPoint to refresh your memory. 

Now choose your task: 

Working towards- TYM A

Expected- TYM B 

Greater Depth- TYM C

Extra Problems-


Today, you will be using all of your research to plan a presentation about your chosen polar explorer. If you were at school, you would have been creating a PowerPoint presentation. If you have PowerPoint at home, you could still do this. If you haven't, you could think of an alternative way to present your information- a poster, a booklet, a leaflet. The choice is yours!


As today is for planning, you need to think about how to organise your research. For example, a slide/ section about their early life, a slide/ section about their achievements etc. You do not need to write in full sentences, you can bullet point your information. As you have done when planning at school during other projects, if you are using images and pictures, you can draw a box and write what you will be putting in it. This will all help you when it comes to completing your final presentation! smiley


If you are completing a PowerPoint/ booklet, you can use these blank slides for planning. Alternatively, you could plan in your writing book.