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Friday 26th January 2024


It was a good start to our journey. Mrs Hodgson and I met at school with five other teachers and loaded our cases onto the minibus. We had no traffic getting to the airport and we were quickly through security. Mrs Richardson was worried about the weight of her case but fortunately it passed - with a heavy sticker on! I think it was because of the parachute 🪂!

Now it’s time to wait until we board at 1.40pm. We are busy making more friendship bracelets and finishing off the ones the Kolkata companions started yesterday. 


What a long journey! Friday merged into Saturday with the time difference of five and a half hours. We landed in Dubai and had plenty of time to walk to our boarding gate for our next plane to Kolkata. We all tried to sleep on the plane but it was a bit squishy. We did however watch lots of films and were brought a pot of ice cream 🍦 - it was delicious!