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Friday 2nd February 2024


We started the day with prayer before breakfast.  Today we prayed for the CRS staff who have looked after us so well - taking us where we need to be, giving us fruit for lunch and sorting out any problems.  We prayed for the teachers to have fun on their final morning in their schools.


After breakfast it was off to Scott Lane. We were, again, greeted with the biggest smiles from the children and the teachers.  They sang their morning song for us and then it was teaching time.  We split the children in to two groups. Mrs Richardson used buttons to sort shapes and do some counting.  With the older children she was able to introduce 1 more and the children were very excited when they got it correct.  Mrs Richardson also used the buttons to make sun pictures.  You will see them in the video below.  Mrs Hodgson did some sound work and, with the older children, made some cvc words.  They were really good at this.  The younger children struggled with it but this was ok because some have only just started school.  So, instead of words we made marks on the floor with chalk.

Mrs Hodgson played traffic lights with the children and they loved running around and making statue poses.


The teachers and children gave us a celebration - for our birthdays and for the time we have been with them. Some of the girls had come to school in their best dresses and they did some traditional Bengali dancing for us. The girl dancing on her own is called Anisha.  She was one of the children who attended Scott Lane when Mr Averis and Mrs Hodgson first visited.  She is now 13 and has moved from Scott Lane to a state school.  She is a very talented dancer and artist and it was joyful to see her again.  Mrs Richardson and Mrs Hodgson were given a piece of Anisha’s artwork to bring home.

Overall, a wonderful celebration of our time with these children and teachers.

When we returned to the hotel some of the ladies had henna patterns put on their hands.  This is a traditional form of decoration for Indian ladies, especially when they are celebrating something special and getting married.

Early to bed tonight ready for our sports day and picnic tomorrow.

Friday in Kolkata

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