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Fundraising for Kolkata

HOORAY! - We raised £647 in July 2021 for our friends in Scott Lane - Well done St. John's

UPDATE: Summer Appeal for our Friends in Kolkata!

Well done everybody who has organised a fundraiser already; we are doing really well! We have  73% of our target reached already! Keep up the fantastic work!


Summer Term COVID support for our friends in Kolkata

Mrs. Winson Bushby and Mrs. Hodgson are helping children come up with ideas during the summer term as to how we can help our friends in Kolkata. 

Mrs. Winson-Bushby has written this letter to parents to help explain how children can get involved and Mrs. Hodgson produced this resource to help our children understand the impact that their support can have. 

Kolkata Appeal Details

To contribute to the appeal - to fund medical and food supplies to support 1600 families in our partner areas in Kolkata, please contact Mr C Brown at

 - he will be very happy to share with you how to help. Many thanks!


Kolkata Update

Rig has been authorised to go into Hastings and Brace Bridge this week, supported by the police and army (to enforce social distancing) - beginning to take in much needed supplies.

Update - March 2020 - Our Friends in Kolkata and the Current Situation

We are of course, thinking very much of our friends in Kolkata at this difficult time for all communities. We are receiving sporadic updates, and so will try to update this page as often as we have anything new to share.

Kolkata, like the rest of India is in lockdown. Rig David, the Director of the CRS and our trusty link person, has let us know that he is trying to ensure that food supplies reach the project areas, especially Brace Bridge and Hastings (the community by the railway tracks, and the one in the underpass). 

Should it become possible for funds to be sent to support these communities via the CRS, we will update this page with details. I am sure that our friends in Kolkata will appreciate any prayers on their behalf, that you may wish to support them with - many thanks.