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Governor recruitment information

Why become a governor?

Members of our governing body have shared below, why they became a governor, how they benefit as they help St. John's and a little bit about the role. 


Richard Slack - Parent

Being a Governor puts you in a great position to be able to improve the experiences of all Children at St. Johns by challenging the school leadership team, ensuring they take the right short and long term decisions for the good of the school. 

Being a part of the finance & resources committee, I get to be involved in decisions on how to spend the school budget such as purchasing extra resources or ensuring we have the right amount of staff to cater for the needs of our children. 

I have personally gained a great insight into the working of the school but more importantly learnt skills such as influencing others, financial analysis and crucial training on safeguarding of children.

I worried about the time commitment before becoming a Governor but have found it absolutely fine. We have 6 2-hour full governor meetings per school year (usually in the evening) and 3 2-hour committee meetings per school year (usually during the school day). I then probably spend 1-2 hours preparing for each meeting. My employer is very supportive of this activity as they can see the skills it develops in me.


Charlotte Mather - Parent

Becoming a governor has given me a chance to influence areas that matter to me and my children. Part of the role of a governor is to be a 'critical friend,' supporting the school but also challenging it and holding it to account. Prior knowledge of the school from a parent's perspective means being empowered to challenge decisions and offer your own viewpoint.

Governors are provided with training. All of this is transferable to other areas of life. Being a governor allows you to gain a variety of new skills, and develop the ones you already have. It doesn't matter if you don't think your career experience – or lack of – is relevant to education; governing bodies need people from all backgrounds who can bring their professional knowledge to the school.

Further governor information

Governor recruitment paperwork

Three documents that are used in the recruitment of governors

1) Role of a governor

This simple read is intended to inform people of the role of a governor

2) Parent nomination form

When we have a parent governor vacancy parents are invited to complete this nomination form if they wish to stand. 

3) Declaration of eligibility

All governors need to sign the declaration before joining the governing body.