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Here are some ways you can help your child

develop their maths skills at home.


There are lots of things you could be doing with your children at home to support them in number, shape, space and measure. Click on the link below for lots of ideas and activities.


Any counting you can do is great!

  • objects (pasta pieces/sticks/beads)
  • movements (steps/claps/jumps)
  • sounds (listening for claps/stamps/bangs on a drums)

All of these would be good number practise for your child. Can your child count out 5 objects from a larger group? Practise not only chanting numbers out loud but also moving objects as they count, e.g:

  • building towers and counting how many bricks
  • sorting coloured beads and counting how many in each group
  • counting toys


Develop their shapes, space and measure skills by:

  • playing shops together and play with real coins. Talk about money using language such as cost, more, less, pence, pounds, and giving change...
  • going on a shape hunt around the home, garden, at the park, or even at the supermarket
  • play with some weighing scales to see how heavy or light different items weigh
  • play with lots of different shape and sized containers, let your child get messy and wet, and practise pouring and filling up the containers. Use language with your child such as full, half full, empty, more, less...